Leed and Grenville Youth Championships, Oct 24, 2020

It was a great but chilly day for the 4th Annual L&G Youth XC championships with small, safe but competitive fields.   Athletes started from separate boxes on the line in heats of a max of 10 through the long open straightaway, braved Laurier Hill  and enjoyed a sunny day.

Thank you to everyone for keeping your distance, respecting all protocols, arriving and dispersing to keep minimal numbers in the park and overall being either amazing visitors to,  or ambassadors for Brockville.

We hope to see you again next year!

Practices Fall 2020

General weekly practice schedule.  This is subject to change based on things such as weather, meet schedules and coaches availability. The schedule is posted for sign up as per COVID protocols on the Practice Sign-in tab.  Sign up, as well as your Health Check is required for all practices.  

Monday: XC with Janet 5:00 -6:30, Laurier Hill

Tuesday: Grade 8 and up with Laura  and Adele 6:00-8:00, TISS

                (Stingers is back up)

Thursday: XC with Janet 5:00 -6:30 

Thursday: Throws, jumps and sprints with Laura and Adele 6:00-8:00, TISS

                  (Stingers is back up)

Brockville Summer Meet Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Brockville Summer Meet.  We appreciate the care, support and understanding that was shown by all athletes, coaches and spectators in keeping the facility and everyone in it safe.  While the protocols may have changed the way that some tasks are completed, the nature and love of our sport remains!

It was apparent that the athletes have been putting in  hours of hard work during this time of isolation and it was our pleasure to be able to see so many achieve personal bests.  Congratulations to everyone competed through the 33' degree heat, the officials who supported and the parent, student and athlete volunteers that made it all possible. 


125 Stewart Blvd Brockville ON Canada